Volunteer Celebration Event

13th February 2023







Compassion Acts Celebrate the Contribution of Volunteers at a Special Evening

Around 95 staff and volunteers from across the organisation gathered in early February for a night of celebration at the Bold Hotel in Southport.

Last year we facilitated over 20,500 hours of volunteering in the community. That is an incredible figure and would cost over £¼ million in real terms to employ these people at median wage. That represents a massive amount of social value in our local economy, is a positive experience for the volunteer and of course is most importantly is transformational for the individual who is being helped.

Richard Owens CEO says “This was such a joy to bring volunteers together from across so many different projects to reward their hard work and commitment to our values. The evening was great and a rare opportunity to encourage conversations between people in our increasing range of projects so that everyone can see how they fit together.”

In the last few years, the charity has grown to include a Uniform Hub, more food pantries, work with Ukrainian refugees, Warm Spaces and family projects such as holiday clubs. It means that 211 volunteers were active in 2022.

Thanks to Bloomcare Ltd and MCS Group for their sponsorship and making this event possible.

List of Award runners up and winners below. Click here to read all of the nominations in full.


Hope Award – Recognising someone who is committed to ensuring a brighter future for the people we support and our community as a whole.

Runners Up: David, Andrea, Joyce

Winner: Mike

Action Award – Recognising someone who puts their positive beliefs into action every day and strives to inspire others to do the same.

Runners Up: Nicola, Adam, Megan

Winner: Margaret

Unity Award – Recognising someone who brings people from different backgrounds together, showing that the strength of a team is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Runners Up: Peter, Gill, Family Space Birkdale Team

Winner: Ken

Respect Award – Recognising someone who shows compassion above all else and places dignity at the heart of all they do.

Runners Up: Rosie, Maria, Geraldine

Winner: Lilian

Special Achievement Award

Winner: Colin


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